6. April 2022

Registration Speed Lacrosse

Lacrosse in all facets, that we want to make possible to the GerLaxCon. A variant to participate and little material expenditure is speed lacrosse in 3v3 format. No matter at what age or with men's or women's sticks, the nimble non-contact game with soft ball makes for all participants grpßen fun.

At GerLaxCon there will be Speed Lacrosse Cups in the age groups U10, U16, U19. A team can consist of 3-6 players*. In addition, there is always the possibility to simply play a short game with a few friends.

The Speed Lacrosse Cups games will take place on Saturday (21.05) and Sunday (22.05.). Depending on the interest in participation, we expect 5-7 games per team. An exact game schedule will be published at the end of April.

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