14. May 2022

World Record at GerLaxCon

At GerLaxCon 2022 we want to set two world records:

  1. We want to pack the most people with lacrosse stick into an arena. While we are the first to set this record, we want to set the bar high. Our goal: 1000 people with lacrosse stick in the JOYNEXT Arena for the evening game Germany vs Poland starting at 18:00. Come by and bring your lacrosse stick (or buy one at the stands in and around the arena.
  2. We would like to set the record for the lacrosse game with the most players*. The record is currently 185 and was set in Canada in 2012. Our goal: to gather 250 players on a gigantic lacrosse field. The game will take place on Sunday 22.05. from 11:30 - 12:30. To divide the teams and also as a small souvenir of this great event, all participants will be able to buy a pinnie (numbered 1-250) on site at the Merchandize Shop of Exize. But beware, hurry up, the first 80 pinnies have already been ordered in the crowdfunding!
Pinnie for world record
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