23. May 2022
GerLaxCon 2022: Germany Lacrosse Convention in Dresden a complete success

Unique lacrosse event celebrates successful premiere: For three days, lacrosse dominated the JOYNEXT Arena and the Sportpark Ostra in Dresden and Europe's largest lacrosse event was a complete success. The event included a colorful program, exciting games and two new world records. The German Lacrosse Association hosted the 1st Germany Lacrosse Convention with Nations Cups […]

20. May 2022
Event App - All of GerLaxCon in your pocket

The whole Ger Lax Con in your Pocket. In Collaboration with LineUpr we present you the digital format of the Event. Select you favorite program points and communicatie with all participants. Get a free accout to unlock all features.

14. May 2022
World Record at GerLaxCon

At GerLaxCon 2022 we want to set two world records: We want to pack the most people with lacrosse stick into an arena. While we are the first to set this record, we want to set the bar high. Our goal: 1000 people with lacrosse stick in the JOYNEXT Arena for the evening game Germany […]

13. May 2022
SIXES Officials Clinic

Referees, pay attention! Maybe you have already seen it in the program: At GerLaxCon you have the chance to attend the very first live ("in person") referee training for the new format "SIXES" in Germany! >> Saturday, 05/21/2012, 8:00am -11:30am << In order to address a large group, the training will be offered in English […]

5. May 2022
Final Program for GerLaxCon Online.

Nearly two weeks before the opening the program of the first GerLaxCon is online. You can download the program hier as PDF. The Natios Cups in Sixes and Box Lacrosse Format (Schedules will be released soon) will feature great teams and all games will be streamed live and free. Details about the stream will shortly […]

14. April 2022
Volunteers Wanted!

Over 2000 visitors* and an eizartiges Lacrosse weekend for all of Europe - we want to make that possible with the GerLaxCon. Together we can make it happen and make GerLaxCon a unique experience for everyone. For the organization and implementation, we are looking for volunteers who have the desire to create a unique event […]

14. April 2022
Registration Women's Box Lacrosse

Lacrosse in all facets, that we want to make possible to the GerLaxCon. A variant to participate and little m Lacrosse in all facets, that we want to make possible to the GerLaxCon. A variant, which is played so far only in the men's area actively is box lacrosse. But we want to change that: […]

6. April 2022
Registration Speed Lacrosse

Lacrosse in all facets, that we want to make possible to the GerLaxCon. A variant to participate and little material expenditure is speed lacrosse in 3v3 format. No matter at what age or with men's or women's sticks, the nimble non-contact game with soft ball makes for all participants grpßen fun. At GerLaxCon there will […]

6. April 2022
Merchandize Shop Live

Get cool lacrosse merch now in the run-up to GerLaxCon at the Exize Online Store of the Germany Lacrosse Convention. From mugs to hoodies, there's something for everyone. We especially recommend the "Grow The Game" motif in cooperation with Get it while stocks last.

29. March 2022
Preliminary program overview

In the following a first insight into the preliminary program of the first Germany Lacrosse Convention. There is no claim to completeness and there will be changes to the schedule and more program items will be added in the coming weeks. We expect a final program by the end of April, which will then be […]

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