All of Lacrosse in one Ticket!

A short guide and info about the tickets for the Germany Lacrosse Convention

Due to the COVID pandemic, an overview of the number of participants is necessary and all participants must be assigned to a seat. To ensure this, we will use the JOYNEXT Arena as the central venue for the Germany Lacrosse Convention, where the Nations Cups in Box Lacrosse will take place. With your ticket you will get access to the arena AND to the whole convention area incl. all parts of the program.

However, due to limited capacity, there are a few program items for which additional registration is required in addition to the ticket. These are:

Generations Cup U19 / 35+ played by Sixes rules for Pick UP players or whole teams

Speed Lacrosse Cup in 3v3 formati in particular suitable for youth teams

Women's Box Lacrosse Camp full contact in full gear

Sixes Coaching Clinic with special focus on youth lacrosse

For these parts of the programs we are going by: First come first serve.

You can book your personal ticket here and find a nice seat in the arena for the Box Lacrosse Nations Cups via our ticket partner etix.

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