"Traditions and Future of Lacrosse"

20.05.2022 - Podiums Discussion with selected guests.

Women's Lacrosse Sixes Nations Cup

DateTime CETGame
Game 1:20.05.202219:45Germany vs. Poland
Game 2:21.05.202208:30England vs. Czech
Game 3:21.05.202208:30Poland vs. Czech
Game 4:21.05.202211:30Germany vs. England
Game 5:21.05.202214:30Germany vs. Czech
Game 6:22.05.202208:30Poland vs. England
Game 7:22.05.202212:00Small Final
Game 8:22.05.202212:30Final

Men's Lacrosse Sixes Nations Cup

DateTime CETGame
Game 1:20.05.202218:00Poland vs. Hongkong
Game 2:21.05.202210:00Germany vs. Great Britain
Game 3:21.05.202210:00Great Britain vs. Poland
Game 4:21.05.202211:30Switzerland vs. Germany
Game 5:21.05.202213:00Poland vs. Germany
Game 6:21.05.202214:30Great Britain vs. Switzerland
Game 7:21.05.202215:30Germany vs. Hongkong
Game 8:21.05.202218:00Hongkong vs. Switzerland
Game 9:22.05.202210:00Switzerland vs. Poland
Game 10:22.05.202210.00Hongkong vs. Great Britain
Game 11:22.05.202214:00Final - Men's Sixes Nations Cup

Men's Box Lacrosse Nations Cup

DateTime CETGame
Game 1:21.05.202215:30England vs. Czech
Game 2:22.05.202218:00Germany vs. Poland
Game 3:22.05.202212:00Loser 1 vs. Loser 2
Game 4:22.05.202214:00Winner 1 vs. Winner 2

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